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ref: #RK00-281

Rare reliquary from the congregation of the Clarisse sisters of Paris, oval shaped in wood with a purple velvet background surrounded by a circle of gilded brass, decorated with a set of papers with gilded edges housing 12 relics identified on handwritten labels and an Agnus Dei wax medallion.

Four ecclesiastical seals close the back of the reliquary and protect the authentic certificate accompanying it, certificate signed on March 25, 1903 by Marie de l'Assomption abbess of the Poor Clares of Paris

St. Germaine
St. Clare of Assisi
Our Lady of Loreto
Ste Chantal
St Vincent M
St Maxime M
St Jean François Régis
Ste Colette
St Antoine
Ste Marguerite M
St Francis of Assisi
St Augustin M

With original glass. Not open.

TIME : 1903
DIMENSION : 11cm X 10cm
SIZE : 4.3"

The history of the Poor Clares in Paris dates back to the 13th century when Franciscan spirituality spread beyond the borders of Italy. The Poor Clares, inspired by the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and guided by the vision of Saint Clare, established their presence in Paris to live a life of prayer, poverty and contemplation. The convent of the Poor Clares in Paris, a place of retreat and meditation, has been a spiritual beacon in a city often agitated by political and social changes. The Poor Clare sisters, devoted to the contemplative life, have kept the flame of Franciscan spirituality alive in the French capital.

An Agnus-dei is a small white or yellow wax medallion representing on the main face the Lamb of God holding the banner decorated with the cross. It is usually blessed by the Pope during Holy Week. The other side is rarely visible.
The Agnus Dei is an important symbol in the Catholic liturgy, referring to Jesus Christ as the perfect sacrifice and the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Agnus Dei wax medallions are considered sacred objects and may be worn as protective amulets or kept in the homes of worshipers to bring blessings and spiritual protection.

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