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ref: #RK00-385

Magnificent large oval reliquary frame in gilded wood with a purple velvet background embroidered with gold and silver thread with motifs representing the holy crown of thorns and housing 33 relics including a relic of the holy nail (with its episcopal wax seal from the San Croce in Gerusalemme church)

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Very beautiful work from a convent of the Carmelite order. According to our information it comes from a church or chapel in the south of France, which is entirely possible given the presence of a relic of Joan of Toulouse considered to be the founder of the Carmelite Third Order.

St. Therese
Joan of Toulouse
St Germaine
Ste Colombe
St Agatha
Ste Chantal
Calvary Stone
Olive Tree of Gethsemane
Apparition Hazel
F of the cedron torrent
Cave of Agony
Painful Way
Sepulcher of the Blessed Virgin
Stoning of St Stephen
St Vincent de Paul
S. Gaudevitii
S. Pruventias
St Saturnin
S Fonesti
St Gervais,m
Saint Jocundus
S. Harcsuetus
Veil of Notre Dame
Agnus Dei
St Joseph Clothing
François de Sales
St Thomas Aquinas
S. Pierre Fourrier
St Huradour
St Etienne

With its original curved glass. Wax seal of the Carmelite order on the back of the reliquary.

PERIOD : 19th century.
DIMENSION : 47cm X 38cm
SIZE : 18.5" X 15"

Carmelites are contemplative nuns belonging to the order of Carmel, founded in the 12th century in the Holy Land. Their life is marked by prayer, meditation and manual work. Generally living in isolated monasteries, they follow a strict rule of community life and silence. Carmelites are known for their devotion to the Virgin Mary, whom they consider their spiritual model. They often wear a distinctive outfit, consisting of a brown dress and a white veil. These devoted women devote their lives to the search for closeness to God, in simplicity and poverty.

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