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Magnificent reliquary cross of the True Cross of Christ in solid silver from the 19th century, delicately chiseled and decorated with the nails of the cross and the thorns of the crown of Christ. It contains a second cross, also in solid silver, housing an authentic relic of the True Cross.

Its ingenious design, revealing the second cross and its sacred relic. Finely decorated with an impressive level of detail, it demonstrates the exceptional craftsmanship of the period. The Minerva head hallmark confirms the authenticity and quality of the silver used. This unique piece combines artistic beauty and spirituality, representing a treasure of great historical and religious importance.

Wax seal present on the back of the relic.

Weight: 84 grams

PERIOD : 19th century.
DIMENSION : 10cm X 5.5cm (without the ring)
SIZE : 4" X 2.16" (without the ring)

The relics of the True Cross are fragments of the cross on which Jesus is said to have been crucified, these precious relics are considered holy objects and have great importance in Christianity. . Venerated by many churches, these fragments of the cross are often preserved in beautifully decorated reliquaries. Pilgrimages and celebrations are organized in their honor, strengthening the spiritual connection of the faithful with the biblical story. These relics are tangible testimonies of the passion and resurrection, inspiring devotion and reflection within the Christian community. Their presence in various holy places around the world continues to arouse a deep sense of piety among believers.

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