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ref: #RK00-288

Rare oval-shaped reliquary frame in black wood with a purple velvet background decorated with a sheltering 12 relics of saints identified in Latin.

Very beautiful convent work

S Prisk M : Saint Prisca
S Fortunad M :
S Ignatius of Loyolas: Saint Ignatius of Loyolas
Stanislas Kostha : Saint Stanislaus Kostka
S Germaine: Saint Germaine
Ste J de Chantal : Saint Joan of Chantal
S Vincent de Paul: Saint Vincent de Paul
S Fr de Sales: Saint Francois de Sales
S Fructueux M : Saint Fructeux de Tarragona
Cave of Agony
S Joseph: Saint Joseph
S Anselm M : Saint Anselm

With its original glass. Not open

Five ecclesiastical seals close the back of the reliquary.

PERIOD : 19th century.
DIMENSION : 16.5cm X 14cm
SIZE : 6.5" X 5.5"

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