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ref: #RK00-235-236

Prisoner's irons from the 18th century, heavy ankle restraints with key, entirely in wrought iron.

The first ring closed around one of the prisoners' two ankles, by passing the chain through the long links, the second was then padlocked.

A copy of the same type is on display at Sir Henry Wellcome's Museum Collection

Good condition, works perfectly.

PERIOD : 18th century
SIZE : 48cm
SIZE : 18.9"

The prisoners' shackles, made in the 18th century from a raw and solid metal, expressed the severity inherent in the justice of that time. Crafted with meticulous wrought iron craftsmanship, these restraints were frequently stripped of superfluous decorative elements, highlighting their brutal functionality. The thick links and massive handcuffs were fashioned from raw metal, giving these instruments of containment unwavering strength. The rough surface of the raw metal evoked the harsh reality of prison life, emphasizing the harshness of the sentences imposed. The craftsmen of the time paid particular attention to the solidity of these restraints, aware that their main objective was to deprive prisoners of their freedom in an inflexible manner.

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