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ref: #RK00-283

Rare rectangular reliquary frame in blackened wood with a velvet background decorated with golden paper representing a Gothic altar, Christ in the center in carved and painted wood, 3 relics identified by handwritten labels.

Very beautiful convent work

St. Hilariae. : Saint Hilaire
St. Uldarici. Ep.: Saint Ulrich of Augsburg
St, Augustini. Ep.: Saint Augustine

With its original glass. Not open

PERIOD : 18th century.
DIMENSION : 18cm X 13cm
SIZE : 7" X 5.1"

In convents, the union between reliquaries and scrolls was a profound and dedicated artistic expression. The nuns, masters of the art of paperrolls, used this meticulous technique to adorn the reliquaries containing holy relics. These delicate creations added an aesthetic and spiritual dimension to the sacred spaces of convents. The scrolls, shaped with meticulous precision, surrounded the sacred relics, creating a visual connection between art and devotion. These ornaments, often loaded with symbolism, reflected the nuns' deep devotion to relics and contributed to the artistic splendor of convents as spiritual sanctuaries.

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