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This exceptional pair of 19th century wall mirrors invites the viewer to delve into a strange and esoteric world, where the devil and the vampire are revealed in all their hellish splendor. Each of the mirrors bears these two faces, capturing the very essence of evil in fiendishly refined detail.

The windings and volutes which adorn the edges of these mirrors seem to be mystical interlacings, evoking esoteric symbols and occult rituals. The floral and plant motifs, although delicate, are tinged with a dark aura, creating a captivating atmosphere. Every detail seems to have been carefully chosen to reinforce the mystery that surrounds these unique pieces.

The fineness of the carving and the exceptional quality of the manufacturing underline the meticulous craftsmanship which went into the creation of these mirrors. Each feature appears to have been sculpted with demonic precision, capturing the very essence of the strangeness that emanates from these objects.

The ancient patina of the bronze adds a temporal dimension, as if these mirrors had crossed the centuries while keeping the secret of their enigmatic nature. The reflections in the original beveled glass transport the eye towards a distorted reality, while the small defects on the tin, evidence of the relentless passage of time, add a note of fragility to the dark eternity that they seem to embody.

This pair of 19th-century mirrors transcends mere decorative object to become a doorway to the unknown, a tangible testament to the strange and esoteric that continues to fascinate and mystify. While contemplating them, one cannot help but wonder what mysterious stories and occult energies these mirrors may have reflected over the centuries.


PERIOD : 19th
DIMENSION : 47cm X 24cm
SIZE : 18.5" X 9.4"

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the vampire myth experienced a resurgence in Central and Eastern Europe, where stories of vampires were common in popular beliefs. Vampires were often described as undead beings who fed on the blood of the living to survive. Villagers feared the dead who rose from their graves at night and attacked the living, spreading disease and death. Practices such as burying the dead with a rod thrust through their hearts were common to prevent vampires from rising from their graves. During this period, stories about vampires were also published in European newspapers, creating a moral panic. However, it was in the 19th century that the vampire myth experienced a true renaissance thanks to writers such as John Polidori, Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker, who popularized the legendary character through their literary works.

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