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ref: #RK00-167-1

Rare carved wooden wall light console representing a winged succubus, finely hand-executed sculpture work. Imposing and impressive piece.

In a perfect state.

PERIOD : 19th
SIZE : 30cm X 28cm
SIZE : 11.8"

Succubi are legendary creatures in Western mythology, often depicted as female demons. They are known for their ability to seduce men in order to steal their vital energy or their soul. Succubi are said to appear in men's dreams, often taking on the appearance of attractive women. They are seen as figures of temptation and lust, and their name is derived from the Latin “succubus,” meaning “she who lies beneath.” These creatures are often associated with Christian mythology and other religious traditions, and they have inspired many stories and works of art over the centuries. Despite their dangerous nature, succubi have also been depicted as beings seeking love and connection with humans.

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