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ref: #RK00-270

Rare and impressive occult ritual ceremonial dagger in bronze, part of the satanic and demonic weapons created in the 19th century.

Bronze rocket representing a marabout with a death's head, wings folded, wearing a crown simulating a pommel.
Bronze guard with two quillons.
Iron blade, straight, diamond-shaped section with point, two cutting edges, double groove and central edge.
Scabbard entirely in bronze model engraved among other things with a devil's head mask on the cover and a snake drinking from a cup in the center.

Symbol of the marabout:
The great African marabout, bird of Africa, is the symbol of the supremacy of an African marabout in the order of marabouts of the world.
The great African marabouts, birds of Africa, are the holders of the secrets of the Beninese voodoo cult, the powerful master marabout fetishists, mediums, clairvoyants, sorcerers, transmitters of secrets and voodoo power.

PERIOD : 19th century
Total length : 25cm / 10"
Blade length : 12cm / 4.7"

The emergence of occult weapons dates back to the first human beliefs, and it is common to find, among ancient pre-Columbian civilizations as well as in the Shang civilization, ritual knives made of flint, gold or jade. Gallic warriors, under the command of Vercingetorix, believed that their swords should be infused with a victim's blood in order to capture their life energy, thus transforming the blade into an "animate" object. Witches in the Middle Ages used the arthame, a magic knife, to carry out mysterious operations.
There is no doubt that the mysterious daggers of the Romantic era had a special purpose, for even today they continue to play an important role in the initiation rituals of certain secret societies and in strange black mass ceremonies.

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