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ref: #RK00-444

Rare and very beautiful French miniature guillotine from the 19th century.
Complete guillotine system in perfect working order.

With his coffin and his basket to collect the head of the condemned

PERIOD : 19th century
DIMENSION : 38cm X 24cm
SIZE : 15" X 9.5"

The guillotine, an emblematic invention of the French Revolution, is a decapitation machine designed to make executions more efficient and less cruel. Invented by the doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, it was used for the first time in 1792. The guillotine consists of a sharp blade suspended above a seesaw, ready to be released. Its use was believed to ensure a quick and painless death, symbolizing equality before justice. However, despite its aim of making executions more humane, the guillotine remains associated with the Dark Ages of Terror during the French Revolution, where thousands lost their lives to this relentless machine. His image persists as a historical symbol of the era's radical justice and political brutality.

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