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ref: #RK00-198

Rare bronze hand candle holder decorated with a faun's face and a wolf's head.
Good condition, traces and marks of use. Oddities collection

PERIOD : 19th century
DIMENSION : 21cm X 12cm
SIZE : 8.3" X 4.7"

This rare 19th century bronze hand candle holder features remarkable decorations, including a faun's face and a wolf's head. Bronze, a material chosen for its solidity and aesthetics, has been finely worked to accurately represent these mythical elements.

The face of a faun, often associated with nature and joy, brings a mythological and artistic dimension to the object. The wolf head, for its part, symbolizes strength, loyalty or even savagery, adding a touch of mystery to this artifact.

Despite its age, the candlestick is in good condition, testifying to the quality of its manufacturing. However, traces and marks of use are present, which gives the object a characteristic patina, revealing its history and its experience over time.

The work belongs to the 19th century era, a period marked by increased interest in decorative elements inspired by nature and mythology. This candlestick therefore reflects the artistic taste of its time, while retaining its unique and intriguing character. It thus constitutes a tangible testimony to the craftsmanship and aesthetics of the 19th century.

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