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ref: #RK00-272
Exceptional occult ceremonial ritual dagger in gilded bronze, steel and leather made in Toledo in 1881 representing the devil (satan or lucifer), with folded wings, sitting on a column with the dogs of hell at his feet (legs with long claws - tail of snake).

This dagger would have belonged to Abbé Boullan , a controversial figure of the 19th century, associated with esoteric practices. The date of manufacture corresponds, the finesse of the work and the symbolism suggest that this dagger was made to order for someone important, everything leads us to believe that it is possible that it belonged to him.

Exceptional quality blade made in Toledo in Spain, iron, straight with diamond section, pointed, two edges, central edge. Entirely decorated with designs of plants, foliage, interlacing and flowers Etched. Two cartridges below the tie (original in red felt).
On the obverse: ARTILLERIA FABRICA DE TOLEDO. Mark of the Royal arms factory of Toledo (active from 1761 to 1996)
On the back “ANO DE 1881”. Year of manufacture 1881.
Scabbard entirely in brown leather model, gilded bronze cope decorated with a cope button representing a bearded head, probably the face of HADES from Greek mythology, called PLUTO in Roman mythology. He reigns on earth and is considered the Master of the underworld. His mission is to prevent the dead from leaving the underworld.
Very ornate gilded bronze button ending with a button.

Slight traces of oxidation in the hollows.

PERIOD : 19th century (1881)
Total length : 27.5cm
Blade length : 15.5cm

Joseph-Antoine Boullan (1824-1893), a 19th-century French priest, is often discussed in the context of Satanism because of his alleged links to occult practices. Founder of the Work of Reparation, he gained attention for his unconventional mystical ideas within the Catholic Church. Boullan was accused of engaging in occult rituals, sparking criticism from the Vatican which ultimately condemned his activities.

Toledo blades , renowned throughout the world for their exceptional quality, are the product of a long artisanal tradition inherited from the Spanish city of Toledo. Famous for centuries, these blades are renowned for their sharpness, flexibility and durability. The city has been a major center of weapons production since Roman times, but it was during the medieval period that Toledo blades gained international fame. Local blacksmiths perfected manufacturing techniques passed down from generation to generation. Today, artisans continue to create exceptional blades, combining tradition and modernity. Toledo blades are often used for swords, knives and other weapons, and their reputation endures, symbolizing the excellence of Spanish cutlery craftsmanship.

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