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ref: #RK00-295

Candelabra in gilded bronze, the body has a representation of the devil holding two lights decorated with coiled snakes and foliage, a mid-height cup decorated with shells, the quadripod base with dolphin heads.

Very beautiful sculpting work.

PERIOD : 19th century
DIMENSION : 29cm X 5.5cm
SIZE : 11.5" X 4.7"

This 19th century gilt bronze candelabra is a remarkable piece that demonstrates exceptional sculptural expertise. The shaft of this candelabra is particularly intriguing, representing the devil holding two fires. The lights are decorated with coiled snakes and foliage, adding an artistic and symbolic dimension to the whole.

The presence of a cup halfway up, decorated with shells, brings an additional touch of elegance and fine detail to this work. These decorative elements, associated with the gilded bronze, demonstrate the meticulous care taken in the creation of this candelabra.

The quadripod base, with its dolphin heads, gives the whole thing visual stability and adds a note of fantasy to the composition. The exquisite details of the dolphin heads highlight the artistic mastery of the 19th century era, where ornamentation was often used to create pieces that were both functional and aesthetic.

The 19th century era was marked by a growing interest in eclecticism and exoticism in art, and this candelabra is a striking example. The incorporation of the devil motif, snakes and dolphin heads suggests a certain fascination with mythological and symbolic elements.

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