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ref: #RK00-204

Rare lead cross richly decorated with skulls and crossbones, astonishing and very unusual object.

Very good quality of carving, a hole pierced at the top of the cross, probably to use it as a pendant.

PERIOD : Late 19th / early 20th
DIMENSION : 9.5cm X 6.5cm
SIZE : 3.7" X 2.5"

This exceptional lead cross, dating from the end of the 19th century, is distinguished by its ornamental richness and its singular character. The astonishing and very unusual object is richly decorated with skulls and crossbones, giving the cross a unique and rather enigmatic aesthetic.

The quality of the carving of this piece is remarkable, testifying to the artisanal know-how of the period. Every detail seems to have been worked with meticulousness, adding an artistic dimension to this particular religious object. The skulls and crossbones that adorn the cross may evoke macabre motifs associated with vanity or memento mori, themes that were sometimes explored in religious and funerary art.

A notable element of this cross is the hole pierced at the top, suggesting its potential use as a pendant. This feature highlights the versatility of the object, which could be worn as a personal devotional piece or as a symbolic fashion accessory.

The late 19th century era was marked by a diversity of artistic influences, ranging from neo-Gothic to symbolism, and this cross seems to reflect these trends.

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