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17th century GARDEN OF EDEN BOX

17th century GARDEN OF EDEN BOX

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Magnificent casket in the form of a reliquary shrine with a domed lid in polychrome wood from the 17th century.

Entirely decorated with scenes from the Old Testament, bordered at each corner with a painted vignette. The Garden of Eden on all four sides extending onto the lid.

Some gaps and wear to the polychrome, on the edges and the angles. Fully lacquered interior with traces of red sealing wax on the bottom.


PERIOD : 17th century
SIZE : 19cm X 10.5cm X 18cm
SIZE : 7.5" X 4.13" X 7.1"

Front side: Paradise and the fall of man (original sin). Adam and Eve naked before the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree is laden with fruit. The temptation by the devil who took possession of the serpent wrapped around the tree. In the background, animals populate the garden.

Back side : Cain killing Abel. Cain and Abel are the two oldest sons of Adam and Eve and this painting shows Cain killing his brother.

On the small left side : God and the sacred fire

On the small right side : Certainly the fruits made available to Adam and Eve by God.

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