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ref: #RK00-305

Magnificent cigarette holder representing a human skull sculpted in Meerschaum, carefully housed in its original case. This piece is a masterful sculpture that marries impressive aesthetics with a beautiful patina, resulting in a truly exceptional pipe.

The meticulous sculpture of the human skull in sea foam gives this object a remarkable artistic quality. Every detail of the skull is finely crafted, capturing the essence of the 19th century era. The patina added over time brings an additional dimension to this work, testifying to its history and its authenticity.

The cigarette holder is presented in its original period leather case, adding substantial value to this collector's item. The case, too, bears the marks of time, evoking the charm of the 19th century era. This leather accessory not only adds to the preservation of the cigarette holder but also to its overall aesthetic appeal.

In a good state of conservation, this 19th century cigarette holder is a rare piece that will delight collectors and art lovers. Its unique character, coupled with its captivating history, makes it an exceptional addition to any oddities collection of rare Victorian items.

PERIOD : 19th century
SIZE : 11cm
SIZE : 4.3"

Meerschaum is a soft, white mineral, sometimes found floating in the Black Sea and looking somewhat like foam. It was named sepiolite by Ernst Friedrich Glocker in reference to its resemblance to cuttlefish bones. Sepiolite is a remarkable rock appreciated for its soft and light texture. Native mainly to Spain and Turkey, it owes its name to the distinctive brown hue of some of its specimens. This mineral is distinguished by its delicate fiber formations, reminiscent of feathers, creating a pleasant texture to the touch. Often used for its exceptional absorbent properties, sepiolite is mined for various industrial applications. However, it also finds its place in the artistic field, where its fibrous texture allows creative manipulation, particularly in sculpture. Its color range from creamy white to brown adds an attractive visual dimension to this versatile rock.

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