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ref: #RK00-344

Magnificent and very large chimera in carved walnut, typically in the neo-Gothic style.

Exceptional sculpture work finely executed by hand. Very imposing and impressive piece, 77cm high, intended to be hung on a wall.

A few minor age cracks, rare small losses and wormholes but overall a surprisingly intact piece considering its age.

PERIOD : France 19th century
SIZE : 77cm X 50cm
SIZE : 30" X 20"

The Gothic Revival style, emerging primarily in the 18th century and reaching its peak in the 19th century, was a romantic reinterpretation of European medieval architecture. Inspired by Gothic cathedrals, this style was characterized by pointed arches, slender spires and ornate details. Chimeras, representing fantastical and mythical creatures, were often incorporated into the decoration of neo-Gothic buildings, adding a touch of mystery and the supernatural to these imposing structures. Their presence evoked a link with the medieval past while nourishing the imagination of contemporaries, creating an atmosphere that was both nostalgic and captivating.

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