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BUST CILICE 18th century

BUST CILICE 18th century

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MUSEUM PIECE - We do not know of any other hair shirt of this type.

Extremely rare 18th century bust cilice from a former convent. Made from thick fabric, this garment has an austere and simple appearance on the outside, but reveals a much more severe reality on the inside. The fabric, probably linen or canvas, is rough to the touch, reflecting simplicity and austerity.

It is within the garment that its unique and formidable character resides. The entire interior surface is lined with metal spikes, carefully attached so that they are in direct contact with the wearer's skin. These points, made of iron, are slightly rusted by time, adding a historical and disturbing dimension to the object. Their regular arrangement and the finesse of their manufacturing demonstrate the care taken in their making, despite their painful function.

This bust cilice was worn to inflict constant pain on the wearer, thus recalling the suffering of Christ. It embodies an intense spiritual practice where physical pain was seen as a path to purification and redemption.

PERIOD : 18th century
DIMENSION : 76cm X 24cm
SIZE : 30" X 9.4"

The hair shirt, a deliberately painful instrument, was widely adopted in various Christian communities as a means of bodily mortification. Its objective is to fight against temptations and to promote identification with Jesus Christ through the sufferings of his Passion, as well as the spiritual fruits that result from them .

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