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ref: #RK00-307

This mysterious bronze candlestick, commonly known as a "cellar rat," is a beautiful 19th century piece that is sure to spark the imagination depicting an intriguing demon confidently riding a winged dragon, creating a visually striking composition.

At the top of this strange candle holder, the demon, with frightening features, holds a witch's cauldron in one hand while a tentacle snakes around him, supporting the magical vessel. This cauldron is used to hold the candle which illuminates the intricate details of the sculpture. The visual effect is both macabre and fascinating, evoking mystical tales and occult legends.

The winged dragon, the demon's mount, seems ready to fly to mystical lands. Its elegantly curved tail acts as a handle for this unique candle holder, allowing it to be moved with surprising ease. The sculpture's minute details, such as the dragon's scales, outstretched wings, and demon's frightening features, attest to the exceptional artistry of the period.

The antique patina that envelops this candle holder gives it a mystical aura and adds historical depth to its appearance. Each nuance on the bronze surface tells a story, revealing the wear and tear of time and the countless moments when the flickering candlelight danced across its unique contours.

PERIOD : 19th century
SIZE : 17cm X 12cm
SIZE : 6.9" X 4.7"

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