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ANTI-BITE NECKLACE 18th century (2)

ANTI-BITE NECKLACE 18th century (2)

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ref: #RK00-319

Impressive and extremely rare dog collar, anti wolf bites, in articulated wrought iron from the 18th century.

Neck circumference: 45cm (17.5")

PERIOD : 18th century
DIMENSION : 53cm X 13cm
SIZE : 20" X 5.1"

Archaeological finds indicate the use of anti-bite collars as early as the Middle Ages. Objects such as metal necklaces with outward-facing spikes or thorns have been unearthed at medieval sites. These collars were mainly intended to be worn by domestic animals, especially dogs, to protect them from wolf attacks. However, sporadic evidence suggests that humans may also have donned these collars, not only as a protective measure against wolves, but also to guard against possible encounters with more supernatural creatures in an emergency.

Although this historical and archaeological evidence is not abundant, there is enough evidence to suggest that this practice was at least marginal. The need for protection against predators, combined with cultural and superstitious considerations, may have influenced some people to wear these collars.

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