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The relics of Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew, also known as Levi, was a Roman tax collector before becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. After his death, his relics were the object of great devotion for Christians all over the world.

The relics of Saint Matthew are kept in the Cathedral of Saint Matthew in Salerno, Italy. According to tradition, Saint Matthew was buried in Salerno, where he evangelized the region after leaving Palestine.


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Saint Matthew's Cathedral was built in the 9th century to house the relics of Saint Matthew. The building has undergone many modifications over the centuries, but it still houses the marble sarcophagus which contains the relics of Saint Matthew.

The relics of Saint Matthew have been the object of many miracles and healings. St. Matthew's Cathedral has become an important place of pilgrimage for Christians around the world. In the Middle Ages, relics were used to take oaths in ecclesiastical and civil courts.

Over the centuries, the relics of Saint Matthew have been venerated by many famous Christians, including Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Francis of Assisi.

Despite this, there have been doubts about the authenticity of the relics of Saint Matthew. In 2014, Pope Francis ordered a scientific study of the relics to confirm their authenticity. The results of the study have not been made public, but Pope Francis has confirmed that the relics are genuine.

The relics of Saint Matthew continue to be an important symbol of the Christian faith and of the heritage of one of the twelve apostles. Although some doubt their authenticity, the veneration of these relics is an expression of devotion and gratitude for the life and work of Saint Matthew.

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