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Immerse yourself in the strange and wonderful world of cabinets of curiosities with this extraordinary and authentic naturalized two-headed calf's head mounted on an oak escutcheon.

Dating from the end of the 19th century, this astonishing piece embodies the spirit of discovery that animated collectors of the Victorian era. Imagine walking through the dark, mysterious aisles of a cabinet of curiosities, marveling at the strange creatures and natural curiosities on display.

Coming from a private European collection, this two-headed calf's head has been carefully preserved for more than a century. Despite its age, this piece is in an excellent state of conservation, the high quality assembly with sulphide eyes testifying to exceptional know-how. Its fascinating history and rarity make it a coveted object for collectors passionate about old taxidermy and curiosities.

PERIOD : late 19th / very early 20th
SIZE : 30 cm x 25 cm
SIZE : 11.8" X 9.8"

Monstrous or strange animals have occupied a special place in museum collections for centuries. They were often exhibited alongside human "phenomena" in European circuses and cabinets of curiosities. This juxtaposition between the animal world and the unusual aspects of humanity aroused a complex mixture of fascination and repulsion among spectators.

Since the 18th century, the scientific world has also been interested in these unique specimens. Naturalists and anatomists of the time began to study these creatures with an analytical eye, seeking to understand the causes of their anomalies and the implications they might have for science in general. These studies helped lay the foundations of comparative zoology and the understanding of biological diversity.

Thus, monstrous animals played an important role in the development of scientific thought, stimulating intellectual curiosity and challenging preconceived notions about nature and its possibilities. Their presence continues to fascinate researchers and the general public, providing a captivating testimony to the richness and complexity of the natural world.

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