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ref: #RK00-386

Extremely rare German baroque "Memento Mori" vanitas from the beginning of the 18th century representing the severed head of Saint John the Baptist, polychrome and sculpted in the round with half of the face in the shape of a skull. Oddities collection.

PERIOD : 18th century
DIMENSION : 14.5cm x 9cm x 10cm
SIZE : 5.7" X 3.5" X 4"

Saint John the Baptist is a central figure in Christianity, precursor of Jesus Christ. His life in the desert, his preaching and his ritual baptism left their mark. His tragic beheading is recounted in the Gospels, ordered by King Herod Antipas at the request of Salome, daughter of Herodias. This martyrdom consolidated his status as a saint and symbol of courage in the face of oppression. The celebration of his life and death, particularly on the feast of Saint John, recalls his spiritual heritage and his commitment to the truth.

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“Memento mori” are reminders of human mortality, often symbolized by objects or works of art. Since ancient times, they have served to remind people of the transience of life and the importance of living each moment to the fullest. These reminders can take various forms, such as skulls, clocks, or artistic compositions representing death. Although often associated with dark themes, they can also inspire deep reflection on the nature of existence and how we choose to live our lives. Memento mori encourage one to transcend the fear of death and find meaning in everyday life.

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