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ref: #RK00-420

Rare occult ceremonial ritual dagger in bronze representing the devil (satan or lucifer), with folded wings, sitting on a column with the dogs of hell at his feet (legs with long claws - snake tail).

Straight iron blade, diamond-shaped section with tip, double edge.

Scabbard with bronze model, bronze cope decorated with a cope button representing a bearded head, probably the face of HADES from Greek mythology, called PLUTO in Roman mythology. He reigns on earth and is considered the Master of the underworld. His mission is to prevent the dead from leaving the underworld.

Slight traces of oxidation in the hollows.

PERIOD : 19th century romantic period
Total length : 24cm / 9.5"
Blade length : 13cm / 5.1"

During the 19th century, a growing fascination with the devil manifested itself across various aspects of society. This era was characterized by an intriguing mix of morbid fascination and disaffection with established religious norms. Artistic and literary movements, notably Romanticism, often explored dark and esoteric themes, reflecting a growing interest in the mysterious and sinister. Gothic stories and fantasy novels have regularly featured diabolical characters, depicting evil in seductive and disturbing ways. At the same time, scientific progress has shaken religious beliefs, giving way to existential anxiety and a quest for meaning, sometimes satisfied by spiritual or esoteric explorations. This fascination with the devil in the 19th century thus illustrates the tensions between tradition and modernity, between reason and superstition, within a changing society.
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