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ref: #RK00-311

Rare reliquary in money with a glass facade, containing the relic of Saint Anne. The relic is fixed on a background of red fabric decorated with silver threads and it is identified in Latin on a label as S Anna M

Saint Anne is the patron saint of Brittany, Canada, miners and sailors

Good used condition with its original glass.

Not open.

Ecclesiastical seal and sons present.

PERIOD : 18th century
DIMENSION : 3.5 cm x 3 cm
SIZE : 1.4" X 1.2"

Saint Anne is a revered figure in Christian tradition, recognized as the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Her feast day, celebrated on July 26, is an opportunity for many Christian communities to pay homage to this holy woman. Saint Anne is often depicted in religious art with the Virgin Mary, teaching her daughter the precepts of the faith. Many places of worship, churches and chapels, are dedicated to Saint Anne throughout the world. Some apocryphal accounts describe aspects of Saint Anne's life, although these texts are not included in the canonical Bible. Her kindness toward families and mothers makes her a popular intercessor, and many people pray to Saint Anne for assistance in difficult times of life. Pilgrimages to shrines dedicated to Saint Anne are frequent, thus strengthening the spiritual connection between believers and this holy figure.

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