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ref: #RK00-165

This rare pair of gilt bronze candlesticks, dating from the 19th century, embodies a captivating fusion of refined aesthetics and intriguing symbolism. Each of the candlesticks rests on a round base, revealing an exceptional artistic composition. Three skillfully carved faces of the devil emerge from the base, elegantly supporting a torch richly decorated with floral motifs.

The fineness of the carving and the quality of manufacturing of the whole demonstrate the talent and skill of the 19th century craftsman who created these unique pieces. Every detail, every curve of the gilded bronze, reflects the commitment to artistic excellence characteristic of this era.

The original gilding gives the whole thing a warm luminosity and a patina that evokes the passage of time, adding additional depth to these remarkable candlesticks. The motif of devil faces combined with floral ornaments creates an intriguing juxtaposition between the mystical and the decorative, adding a symbolic dimension to the whole.

Although these candlesticks have survived the passage of decades, they show authentic traces of use, which adds a palpable layer of history to their appearance. These marks bear witness to the past existence of these objects, reinforcing their charm and conferring priceless authenticity.

This pair of 19th-century candlesticks not only offers an exceptional aesthetic dimension to any setting, but also represents a tangible testament to the craftsmanship and artistic taste of the Victorian era. Whether as collectibles or as sumptuous decorative items, these gilded bronze candle holders make a striking centerpiece that continues to charm and inspire across the centuries.

PERIOD : 19th
SIZE : 20cm
SIZE : 7.9"

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