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ref: #RK00-363

Magnificent neo-Gothic altar cross in gilded bronze resting on a chimera-shaped tripod base, openwork with scrolls and bread apples.

Slight burn at the left tip of the cross.

PERIOD : 19th century
DIMENSIONS : 47cm X 24cm
SIZE : 18.5" X 9.5"

The neo-Gothic style, emerging in the 18th century then reinvigorated in the 19th, celebrates medieval aesthetics through its pointed arches, slender spiers and flamboyant motifs. Inspired by the architecture of Gothic cathedrals, it evokes a feeling of grandeur and mystery, blending spirituality with artistic splendor. The neo-Gothic buildings, adorned with gargoyles and rose windows, embody a revival of the medieval era, merging romanticism with religious faith. This style has left its mark on many iconic buildings around the world, leaving an impressive legacy imbued with Gothic solemnity and beauty.
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