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ref: #RK00-296

This miniature wooden guillotine from the islands is a remarkable object, testifying to a bygone era. Complete and in perfect working order, this unique piece arouses both fascination and curiosity. Dating from the early 20th century, it offers a captivating insight into the artisanal ingenuity of the era.

The authenticity of this object is reinforced by an intriguing hypothesis: it could well be the meticulous work of a convict. The complex history surrounding these objects made in detention adds an extra dimension to this miniature guillotine. Convicts, often deprived of freedom and means, developed impressive artisanal skills to create objects that were both functional and aesthetic.

The attention to detail with which this wooden guillotine was designed indicates remarkable skill, probably acquired under difficult circumstances. Every detail, carefully crafted, reflects the talent of its creator. Its perfect working order underlines the attention paid to precision during its manufacturing.

This object represents not only a unique collector's item but also a window into the past, revealing the skills and living conditions of those who may have fashioned this miniature guillotine within the walls of a prison. Its historical character and meticulous construction make it a captivating artifact, inviting reflection on the often overlooked aspects of early 20th century history.

PERIOD : beginning of the 20th century
SIZE : 31cm X 20cm
SIZE : 12.2" X 7.9"

More than 100,000 individuals were sentenced to prison exile, where they had to endure particularly difficult conditions. Among them, only a tiny minority left an artistic and artisanal legacy, thus testifying to their existence within the abyss that was the penal colony.
The prisoners, faced with a hostile environment, demonstrated exceptional ingenuity by exploiting the natural resources at their disposal as well as the materials abandoned by the construction sites where they were forced to work. In this degrading universe, they managed to transcend their reality by sculpting coconuts, engraving shells, making straw marquetry, making small guillotines, or even devoting themselves to painting.
These artistic and artisanal creations represent precious fragments of their lives engulfed in the shadows of the penal colony, thus offering a glimmer of humanity amid the darkness of their prison existence. They demonstrate not only the resilience of individuals in the face of adversity, but also the capacity of the human spirit to flourish even in the most degrading conditions.

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