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ref: #RK00-393

Magnificent carved coniferous wood Krampus mask, a wonderful example of Black Forest carving.

TIME : beginning of the 20th century
DIMENSION : 35cm X 23cm
SIZE : 13.8"

Krampus, an obscure figure in Germanic Christmas traditions, is often overlooked but fascinating. Embodying punishment for disobedient children, he appears as a sinister companion to Santa Claus, tracking down bad guys through the streets of Alpine villages. Its origins date back to Germanic mythology, where it appeared as a counterpart to the benevolent Saint Nicholas, rewarding good children. Krampusnacht parades, traditionally on December 5, are an opportunity for adults to dress up as Krampus and remind children of the importance of morality and respect for traditions. Despite periods of prohibition by the Inquisition, Krampus survived in remote areas and enjoyed a modern renaissance through interest in folk traditions and the dark side of Christmas, becoming an iconic figure of the festive season.

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