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ref: #RK00-94

Reliquary frame of the Holy Nail of the Holy Cross composed of an oval frame in molded wood and painted black (fake ebony), inside, a relic: a wrought iron nail, fixed vertically on a background of old velvet red and protected by a curved window.

Episcopal stamp of the San Croce in Gerusalemme church in Rome present on the nail.

Good condition, a small crack to note on the frame.

PERIOD : French work, 19th
DIMENSION : 25cm X 18.5cm
SIZE : 9.8" X 7.3"

The Holy Nail of Jerusalem is a sacred relic of Christianity, reputed to be one of the nails that crucified Jesus. Venerated for centuries, it is preserved in the Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre, a holy place of pilgrimage in Jerusalem. Its presence evokes the sacrifice and redemption of Christ, attracting worshipers from around the world in search of spirituality and healing. As an object of devotion, it embodies the power of faith and the intimate connection between the divine and the human. The legend surrounding this nail reinforces its symbolic importance, rooting its heritage in the religious and cultural history of humanity. Thus, the Holy Nail of Jerusalem remains a poignant symbol of Christ's passion and the eternal hope offered by his resurrection.

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