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ref: #RK00-338

Very large and beautiful engraving from the end of the 18th century, the representation of hell during the Last Judgment is depicted in a pictorial field which closes at the top with a segmental arch. In the upper half of the image, the archangel Michael, standing in the center on a cloud, guides with his sword other angels who precipitate sinners into the abyss. In the lower half of the picture, many devils are waiting for the damned to tie them up and torture them. The nude figures, mainly male, are presented in many different poses. In the lower left corner we find the mention of the painter of the composition, Luca Signorelli (c. 1440-1523). At the bottom right is the printed signature of the engraver Giovanni Battista Leonetti, active in Rome. Between the two, in the center, is the mention of the model designer for the engraving, Carlo Cencioni, as well as the Italian title with the indication of the place. This is plate 33 from a collection of plates published in 1791, containing a total of 38 illustrations of the Cathedral of Orvieto and the works of art found there. It is a copy of a fresco forming part of a cycle created by Signorelli and his workshop from 1499 for the chapel of Saint Brizio in the cathedral of Orvieto.

On thicker laid paper with watermark of large format papal coat of arms. With the edge of the plate on the left and right. Irregular spots. Irregular freckles. Slightly browned. Smoothed central pleat. Several small damages to the edges. There are two tears of 5.5 cm each on the upper edge.

PERIOD : First part of the 18th century
DIMENSION : 85.5cm X 63.8cm
SIZE : 33.7" X 25.10"

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