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ref: #RK00-197

This rare bronze candlestick embodies an exceptional piece, capturing the powerful image of a European dragon holding a torch in its mouth. The representation of a winged dragon in European tradition adds a mythical dimension to this object, where the majestic creature is often a symbol of strength, power and sometimes protection.

The high quality of manufacturing of this bronze candle holder testifies to the artisanal know-how of the 19th century. Every detail of the dragon, from its scales to its outstretched wings, reveals meticulous attention to detail. The careful carving of the dragon gives the whole thing an aura of mystery and elegance, highlighting the expertise of the artisan who created it.

Although the object shows traces and marks of use, these elements add to its charm by telling the story of the time and the hands that possessed it. The candle holder retains its authenticity and character, testifying to the many occasions when it has witnessed the soft glow of a candle illuminating its surroundings.

An interesting detail to note is the hole on the bottom of the candlestick, probably indicating that at some point this candlestick was made into a lamp. This transformation highlights the versatility of the object and its adaptation over time, while adding an additional layer of history to its story.

The era of this bronze candle holder dates back to the 19th century, a period marked by a renewed interest in Gothic aesthetics and fantastical elements in art and decoration. This object thus embodies the spirit of this era, where imagination and romanticism often inspired the creation of unique and captivating decorative objects.

PERIOD : 19th century
SIZE : 20cm X 18cm
SIZE : 7.9"

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