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ref: #RK00-185

Door element from an 18th century Spanish convent .

PERIOD : 18th century.
SIZE : 56cm X 50cm
SIZE : 22" X 20"

This door element, steeped in rich history, comes from a Spanish convent dating from the 18th century. It represents a fascinating piece, a particular section of the door which stands out for the presence of a peephole in the shape of a small trap door. The functionality of this hatch is underlined by the wrought iron catch which ensures its closure, adding an artisanal touch to this architectural element.

At the heart of this door element lies the peephole, a practical device for viewing the outside while maintaining security from the inside. The small hatch provides a discreet way to observe what is happening on the other side, while remaining closed with the wrought iron catch, adding an element of control to this aspect of the door.

Considering the potential use in a convent, this door element could have witnessed many events and interactions over the centuries. It thus embodies not only the practical function of a door, but also a window into the past, recalling the daily aspects of life in an 18th century Spanish convent.

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