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ref: #RK00-348

Rare painted regulus pyrogen representing the devil fanning the hearth with a bellows.

Good condition, traces and marks of use.

PERIOD : Late 19th century
SIZE : 11 cm x 9 cm
SIZE : 4.3" X 3.5"

During the 19th century, a growing fascination with the devil emerged in various areas of society. The era was marked by a mixture of morbid curiosity and rejection of traditional religious norms. Literary and artistic movements, such as Romanticism, often explored dark and occult themes, reflecting a growing interest in mystery and the macabre. Gothic stories and fantasy novels featured diabolical characters, embodying evil in seductive and disturbing forms. At the same time, scientific advances called religious beliefs into question, giving way to a feeling of existential anxiety and a quest for meaning, sometimes fulfilled by spiritual or esoteric experiments. This fascination with the devil in the 19th century thus reflects the tensions between tradition and modernity, between reason and superstition, in a rapidly changing society.

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