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ref: #RK00-294

Magnificent and extremely rare pair of bronze candle holders, elegant mannerist structure on several levels in finely chiseled and dark patinated bronze. Stylistically, the design - like 16th-century bronze art in France - was influenced by the famous Florentine Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1557). 

Cellini visited France for the first time in 1535. For Francis I, he created the “Saliera”, the world-famous golden salt barrel, which is today in Vienna. Cellini's style, which already had mannerist traits, had a lasting effect in France.
The overall shape narrows into individual steps, each decorated with figures. The large three-sided base rests on feet in the shape of bearded heads of Silenus with ram's horns, with stag-footed figures of Pan crouching above them. 

The feet connected by festoons of leaves with shells. The walls, slightly concave, are decorated with fields framed with pearls in which other masks of horned fauna are inserted in relief.
The next tier is made up of three winged lion protomes supporting a round base. Above are three curved S-shaped clasps. These in turn swing down to a tapered base, decorated with figures of winged griffins with lion paws.

Finally, a very oval-shaped baluster barrel, surrounded by acanthus leaves, rises to form a clearly enlarged collecting tray. The candle thorn is wide and cone-shaped.

The highest quality design and artistic execution, reworked into cold work. The style evokes few known or surviving works of the French High Renaissance under the influence of Mannerism.
Unlike the Italian bronzes of this period, the French works are much more delicate and finely divided. Dark patina, impeccable condition. 

PERIOD : 19th century
SIZE : 53cm
SIZE : 20,9"

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