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ref: #RK00-381

Rare occult ceremonial ritual dagger in bronze and steel.

Bronze guard, handle representing the devil clawing his chest with his left hand and holding a dagger in his right hand, standing on the guard formed of two snakes with open mouths.

Steel blade, straight, diamond-shaped section with tip, two cutting edges,

PERIOD : 19th century
Total length : 26.5cm (10.5")
Blade length : 15.5cm (6.1")

In Satanism, the serpent is sometimes used as a symbol of rebellion against established norms and religious dogmas. It can represent the rejection of authority and the quest for individual freedom. Some Satanist currents see the snake as a representation of Satan himself, referring to notions of strength, sensuality and personal power.
The snake can also be seen as a symbol of deception, malice and destructive power, reflecting the duality inherent in human nature and the universe itself. In many traditions it is associated with mythological figures such as the tempting serpent of the Garden of Eden in the biblical tradition or the serpent Ouroboros, which bites its own tail to symbolize the eternal cycle of life, death and death. the Renaissance.

The origins of occult weapons date back to humanity's oldest beliefs. It is common to find, among ancient pre-Columbian civilizations as well as among the Shang, ritual knives made from flint, gold or jade. Gallic warriors, led by Vercingetorix, attributed to their swords the power to capture the vital energy of their victims by impregnating them with their blood, thus transforming them into "animated" objects. During the Middle Ages, witches used the athame, a magic knife, to carry out mysterious operations. The importance of mysterious daggers continued even into the Romantic era, where they were used in initiation rituals of secret societies and in dark black mass ceremonies, retaining their significant role to the present day.

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