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ref: #RK00-227

This exceptional gilt bronze candle holder, dating from the 19th century, embodies the elegance and intrigue of this rich artistic era. The piece is distinguished by its tripod base, skillfully crafted to represent a demon supporting a torch, creating a visually captivating composition. This demon appears to prostrate over a cup decorated with a devilish face, adding an extra dimension to this remarkable work of art.

The original gilding on the bronze is of exceptional quality, offering a patina that bears witness to the passage of time while preserving the initial splendor of the object. Every detail is finely crafted, illustrating the attention to detail and skill of the 19th century craftsman responsible for its creation. The whole thing exudes an aura of sophistication, reflecting the high standards of the time.

Despite its age, the candlestick is in good condition, retaining its structural integrity while bearing authentic marks of time. The marks of use add a historical dimension to this piece, reinforcing its character and authenticity.

This work of art truly embodies the aesthetic of the 19th century, a time when bronze work was often synonymous with luxury and refinement. The association of the demon, the torch and the diabolical face creates an intriguing symbolism, inviting a deeper artistic and cultural interpretation.

Whether as a collector's item or as a centerpiece in a sophisticated decoration, this 19th century gilt bronze candlestick is a striking testimony to the artistic know-how of the period and the richness of its aesthetic heritage.

PERIOD : 19th
SIZE : 18cm X 18cm
SIZE : 7" X 7"

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