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ref: #RK00-372

Authentic 19th century confessional grille in white enameled metal. With its elegant design and enameled finish, this piece from northern Italy evokes the mystery and intimacy of past confessions.

Each notch and engraved pattern tells a silent story, revealing the sins and secrets entrusted within the sacred sanctuary of the confessional. The white enamel, both sober and captivating, contrasts with the nuances of the human soul expressed through the hushed whispers of confession.

This confessional grid offers a poignant reminiscence of a time when secrets were revealed in the shadows of the confessional, creating a spellbinding atmosphere steeped in mystery and contrition. A unique collector's item that invites contemplation and reflection on human nature and its deepest secrets.

PERIOD : 19th century
SIZE : 33cm X 25cm
SIZE : 13" X 9.9"

Confessionals have their origins in the first centuries of Christianity, where confession was public and collective. In the Middle Ages, with the rise of individual confession, churches began to set up spaces reserved for the confidentiality of confessions. The use of separate confessionals for the priest and the penitent became widespread from the Renaissance onwards, providing a place of intimacy conducive to sincerity. This practice then spread throughout the Catholic world, becoming an essential component of the sacrament of reconciliation. Thus, confessionals have become emblematic elements of spiritual life within churches.

Confessionals, emblems of spirituality, are intimate alcoves where the faithful confide in God through their priests. Decorated with finely carved wood or ornate metal, these sanctuaries offer refuge for the tormented soul. In their hushed darkness, sins are revealed and secrets shared, in an act of contrition and redemption. Confessionals transcend time, linking the present to the confessions of past generations. Each confessional tells a silent story, a testimony of faith and repentance. These sanctuaries of confession embody the promise of absolution and the quest for inner peace.

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