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ref: #RK00-241

Impressive capirote of a Spanish penitent called Nazarene in satin black fabric.

The badge of The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ is painted on a wooden plaque which is sewn onto the fabric.

PERIOD : First part of the 20th century
DIMENSION : 107cm X 45cm
SIZE : 42" X 17.7"

The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ is a religious order founded in 1720. Two poles originally guided the charism of the Passionists: a demanding contemplative life, led in houses called “retreats” because of their isolation; and an apostolic activity, based mainly on the apostolate of parish missions. The charisma of the Passionists is centered on the mystery of the cross. The patroness of the congregation is the Virgin of Sorrows, whom the Church celebrates on September 15.

Historically used by flagellants from the Middle Ages, the capirote was also present during death sentences handed down by the Inquisition, where the condemned person was forced to wear this hat to be publicly humiliated. This humiliation echoes that of Jesus Christ during his ascent from Golgotha.
This costume was also used by flagellants, who, as their name indicates, imposed torture on themselves to atone for their sin; flogging was one of the main self-inflicted punishments. All this, anonymously thanks to the concealed face.
From the 17th century, the brotherhoods of Seville began to use it during Holy Week processions, in commemoration of the Passion of Christ for the remission of the sins of men, and his subsequent resurrection.

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