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ref: #RK00-293

Gilt bronze representing the face of a goat, fixed on an imposing red braccia marble base.

Very beautiful sculpting work.

Note a few small chips on the marble, a very heavy object

TIME : 1930
DIMENSION : 15cm X 12cm
SIZE : 6" X 4.7"

The representation of the goat in art and occultism dates back several centuries and has various meanings depending on cultural and symbolic contexts. In art, the goat is often associated with mythological and religious works, such as the Greek god Pan, often depicted as a goat, symbolizing wilderness and fertility. Additionally, in Christian iconography, the goat can be used to represent the devil or evil.

In occultism, the goat is often linked to esoteric symbols such as the inverted pentagram, often used as an emblem of black magic. This representation is particularly associated with the famous Baphomet, an occult figure from the Middle Ages who combines human and animal elements, including the goat's head.

Over time, these representations evolved into complex and polysemous symbols. The goat, as a symbol, remains a subject of artistic and esoteric exploration, inviting observers to reflect on the dualities of human nature and to interpret the mysteries hidden behind these iconic representations.

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