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ref: #RK00-292

Gilt bronze representing the face of the god Pan, fixed on an imposing red breccia marble base.

Very beautiful sculpting work.

Note a few small chips on the marble, a very heavy object

TIME : 1930
DIMENSION : 19cm X 17cm
SIZE : 7,5" X 7"


Pan is a deity in Greek mythology, often associated with wilderness and fertility. Half man, half goat, Pan is the god of shepherds and flocks. Its panicked figure is often depicted with goat horns, pointed ears and goat feet. He embodies the raw force of nature and is considered the guardian of woods, mountains and caves.

Pan is also famous for his musical talent, playing the pan flute with exceptional skill. His music has the power to charm gods and mortals alike. Despite his strange appearance, Pan is revered for his wisdom and kindness towards shepherds. He is sometimes considered the son of Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

Its name is the origin of the word "panic", evoking the terror aroused by strange noises emanating from the woods, which the ancients attributed to Pan. Although not one of the Twelve Olympian Gods, Pan has an important place in Greek mythology as a deity associated with wildlife and the magic of nature.

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