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ref: #RK00-401

Superb and extremely rare holy water stoup, surmounted by an angel standing on a starry globe and supported by the face of a horned devil framed by bat wings. Beveled and polished black marble support.

PERIOD : French work, 19th century
SIZE : 40cm X 18cm
SIZE : 15.7 X 7"

We have never had in our hands or even seen another stoup of this kind, the only other stoup associated with the devil that we know of is that of Rennes-le-Château, this one is also supported by a horned devil.

This similarity between the two holy water stoups is remarkable, especially given their association with a devilish figure. It is possible that these objects have deep symbolic or historical meaning, and their connection to the devil could be linked to local beliefs or mythological stories. These holy water fonts could also raise questions about their origin and use in specific religious or cultural contexts. When examining these holy water fonts, one may wonder how and why they were designed in this way, and what beliefs or practices were associated with their use in these contexts.

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