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ALMS BOX 18th century

ALMS BOX 18th century

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ref: #RK00-398

Rare Spanish alms box from the 18th century dedicated to Our Lady of Miracles.

Functional hinges, no key.

PERIOD : 18th century
SIZE : 30cm X 21cm
SIZE : 11.8" X 8.3"

Alms boxes are iconic religious artifacts, testifying to the generosity of the faithful and the importance of almsgiving in Catholic practice. These containers, essential for fundraising within religious communities, are carefully designed to encourage worshipers to contribute. Their clever design, with a slot on the top to receive donations and a lock on the front to ensure the security of funds, illustrates their dual role of promoting charity and protecting offerings. In addition to serving as a means of financing masses and charitable works, these alms boxes symbolize the connection between the faithful and the divine, offering an opportunity to actively participate in the spiritual life of the community. Originating in Spain and in use from the 16th to the 18th century, these objects represent a precious cultural and spiritual heritage.

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