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ref: #RK00-63

Rare 18th century engraving

The Alchemist Doctor.

Alchemist seated at the table and bent over an open book; on the table, skull, books, jars, hourglass and terrestrial globe; in the background, a group of three men, one of whom is holding a small bottle; after David Teniers the Younger

The alchemist doctor engraved after the original painting by David Teniers of the office of the Count of Vence. D. Teniers pinx. J. Tardieu filius sculp.

Paris (rue St. Jacques near that of Noyers): Tardieu son engraver of the king.

Etching and chisel

Another copy of this engraving is kept in the British Museum in London:

The Alchemist Doctor / British Museum

PERIOD : 18th century
SIZE : 43cm X 29cm
SIZE : 17" X 11.4"

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