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ref: #RK00-186

Wrought iron gate from an 18th century Spanish convent
Sold with its original wrought iron nails

PERIOD : 18th century.
DIMENSION : 61cm X 57cm thickness of the bars: 12mm
SIZE : 24" X 22" bar thickness: 0.47"

This wrought iron gate, from a Spanish convent dating from the 18th century, stands out for its elegant simplicity and long-lasting functionality. A palpable testimony to the artisanal know-how of the time, it has been carefully preserved, sold with its original wrought iron nails, adding a historical dimension to its authenticity.

The 18th century era in Spain was marked by a deep reverence for craftsmanship, and this grid embodies this pragmatic approach while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Used in a religious context, it reflects the importance given to practical details while remaining faithful to the aesthetic principles of its time.

As a material element of the 18th century, this grid offers a tangible testimony to history, linking its functional utility to the rich Spanish craft tradition. Exhibiting a simplicity that transcends eras, it remains a captivating artifact, recalling the times when form followed function with unadorned elegance.

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