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Saint Rufin

Saint Rufinus was a 3rd century Christian martyr known for being a defender of the Christian faith and a great evangelizer. He was originally from Aquileia, Italy, and lived during the time of the Roman Empire.

According to traditions, Rufinus was the son of a wealthy Roman merchant and was himself highly educated and cultured. He had a great passion for philosophy and theology, and intended to devote his life to teaching these subjects.

However, Rufinus was deeply moved by the gospel and decided to dedicate his life to spreading the Christian faith. He became a priest and began preaching the gospel in towns and villages in the region.

Rufinus was also involved in defending the Christian faith against persecution by the Roman Empire. He was arrested and imprisoned several times, but always refused to renounce his faith. Eventually he was sentenced to death and was beheaded at Aquileia in 303.

Rufinus is considered a saint by the Catholic Church, and is celebrated annually on July 27. He is revered as a model of faith and devotion, and is prayed for God's help and protection.

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