Saint Just : Martyr et Témoin de la Foi Chrétienne-RELICS

Saint Just: Martyr and Witness of the Christian Faith

Saint Just, also known as the Righteous of Lyon, is a prominent figure in early Christianity, recognized for his courage and unwavering faith in the face of persecution. His life and martyrdom illustrate the resilience of the early Christians and their devotion to their faith. In this article we will examine in detail the biography of Saint Just, his spiritual legacy and his impact on Church history.


Reliquary containing a relic of Saint Juste on

Youth and Conversion

Little information is available on Saint Just's youth. He was probably born in Lyon, Gaul, around the middle of the 2nd century. Although he grew up in a pagan background, it is said that he was touched by Christian teachings and embraced the Christian faith from a young age. His conversion led him to embrace a life of piety and devotion.

Ministry and Martyrdom

Saint Just became an active member of the Christian community of Lyon, where he served with zeal and devotion. However, during the 2nd century, the Roman Empire intensified its persecution of Christians, accusing them of disloyalty to the state and disruption of the social order.

In 177 AD, Emperor Marcus Aurelius unleashed a wave of persecution across the Roman Empire, Lyon was not spared. Saint Just and other Christians were arrested and ordered to renounce their faith. Refusing to sacrifice to the emperor and the pagan gods, Saint Just and his companions preferred to suffer martyrdom rather than deny their faith.

Spiritual Heritage

The martyrdom of Saint Just and his companions had a profound impact on the Christian community of Lyon and beyond. Their courage and determination to remain true to their faith, even at the cost of their lives, has inspired many Christians throughout the ages.


Saint Just is venerated as a martyr in the Catholic Church, and his memory is honored on September 2 in the liturgical calendar. Churches and places of worship are dedicated to him, testifying to his status as patron saint and his continuing influence in the spiritual lives of believers.


Saint Just remains an emblematic figure of Christianity, an example of courage and devotion for believers around the world. His martyrdom reminds contemporary Christians of the importance of remaining faithful to their faith, even in the most difficult times. His life continues to inspire future generations to persevere in faith and bear witness to God's love in all circumstances.

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