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Saint Francis of Paul

Saint Francis of Paula, also known as Francis of Paula, was a 15th-century Italian Catholic saint. He was born on March 27, 1416 in Paola, Calabria, southern Italy. Francis is known for having founded the Order of Minimes and for his exemplary piety, his ascetic life and his miracles.

As a child, François de Paule was renowned for his piety and wisdom. He received a religious education and was drawn to a life of solitude and prayer. At the age of fourteen he entered a Franciscan convent where he led an austere and contemplative life.

saint francis de paul
Reliquary containing a relic of Saint Francis of Paul on

After spending a few years in existing religious orders, François de Paule felt the call to found his own religious community. In 1435 he founded the Order of Minims, an eremitic branch of the Franciscan Order. The Minimes were distinguished by their extreme austerity, their hermit life and their particular devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Saint Francis de Paula's reputation as a holy man and ascetic spread rapidly and he became a sought-after spiritual adviser. He is said to have performed many miracles during his life, including healing the sick, multiplying food, and prophesying the future. He was also known for his ability to walk on water, reminiscent of biblical stories of Jesus.

François de Paule was also noticed by many European leaders of the time, including popes and kings. He was called upon to intervene in political and religious disputes, and his advice was often sought in important decisions.

Saint François de Paule died on April 2, 1507 at the age of 91. He was canonized in 1519 by Pope Leo X. His feast day is celebrated on April 2 in the Catholic Church.

The sanctuary of Saint Francis of Paola in Paola, Italy, houses a precious relic of his right arm. This relic is kept in a reliquary and venerated by the pilgrims who visit the sanctuary.

The life of Saint Francis de Paule continues to inspire many believers today. He is considered an example of holiness, piety and devotion to God. His religious order, the Minims, still exists and has members around the world who follow his example of hermit life and austerity.

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