Sainte Flamine : Une Lumière de Foi dans la Persécution-RELICS

Saint Flamina: A Light of Faith in Persecution

Saint Flamina would have lived in the 3rd century during the reign of Diocletian.

According to popular tradition, it is said that she was the daughter of a patrician, and her family's villa stood on the current location of the Château de Montaclier.

relique sainte flamine

Relic of the skull of Saint Flamine on


Renowned for her zeal in the spread of Christianity, she was denounced to Blasius, governor of Auvergne, who dispatched soldiers to execute her. Trying to flee, she ended up at the foot of a stone to which she clung, and no one managed to dislodge her. To end his life, his head was cut off and thrown into the well beneath the ruined temple of Teutates.

stone of saint flamene

The stone of Saint Flamine in Davayat


Later, a church was erected on the site of the temple, still housing the well of Saint Flamina, whose water is said to be miraculous and known to cure eye conditions, although the saint can be called upon for any other request. A barbarian chief, having regained his sight after washing there, attests to these miracles.


fountain of saint flamene

Fountain of Saint Flamine in Gestel


Since 950, the relics of Saint Flamina have been honored in Davayat. The building contains, on the left side of the choir, the hunt of Saint Flamine in carved and gilded wood which was offered in 1665 by the Marquis de Combronde (Count of Brion) in gratitude for the healing in 1662 of his blind daughter.

The Saint is also honored in Morbihan (Gestel)

reiques saint flamene

Hunting of Saint Flamine in the church of Davayat ( )

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