Sainte Claire d'Assise : Une Vie de Dévotion et de Simplicité-RELICS

Saint Clare of Assisi:A Life of Devotion and Simplicity

Saint Clare of Assisi, also known as Claire Scif, is one of the most prominent religious figures of the 13th century. She founded the Order of the Poor Clares, a female branch of the Franciscan order, and lived a life of devotion, simplicity and charity. Here is a detailed article on the life and legacy of this saint.

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Youth and Conversion : Claire was born on July 16, 1194 in Assisi, Italy, into a noble family. She was deeply influenced by Saint Francis of Assisi , of whom she heard about from a young age. At the age of 18, she made the decision to radically follow Christ and renounce her life of privilege. She joined Francis and his disciples, where she made her profession of faith.

Foundation of the Order of the Poor Clares : Clare was the founder of the order of the Poor Clares, also known as the order of the Poor Ladies, in 1212. She developed a simple rule of life, based on evangelical poverty, contemplation and charity. The Poor Clares dedicated themselves to a life of worship, prayer and service to the poor.

Life of Poverty and Humility : Claire and her sisters lived in extreme poverty, dependent on the charity of others for their livelihood. They were distinguished by their renunciation of all material possessions and their commitment to evangelical simplicity. Clare was known for her deep humility and dedication to Christ.

Relations with Saint Francis : Clare and Francis of Assisi had a close spiritual relationship. She shared his vision of evangelical poverty and supported him in his mission of reforming the Church. Francis admired Claire for her firmness in faith and her unwavering devotion.

Miracles and Legends : Like many saints, Clare is associated with stories of miracles. It is notably said that she repelled an attack by the Saracens by displaying the Blessed Sacrament. However, it is important to note that these stories are often based on popular legends and traditions.

Final Years and Death : Clare lived the last years of her life in a cell in the monastery of Saint-Damien in Assisi. His health declined, but his spirit remained sharp. She died on August 11, 1253. Two years later, she was canonized by Pope Alexander IV.

Legacy : Claire's spiritual testament lies in the simplicity of her life and her commitment to poverty and contemplation. The Poor Clares continue to follow her rule of life to this day, and their order has spread throughout the world. Claire is also an inspiration to many believers who seek to live a life of deep faith and humility.

Celebration : The feast of Saint Clare is celebrated on August 11, the day of her death, in the Catholic Church. It is an opportunity for the faithful to remember her example of holy life and to turn to her to ask for her intercession.

Saint Clare of Assisi remains a revered figure in Christian spirituality, known for her unwavering commitment to evangelical simplicity, prayer and charity towards those most in need. His life and legacy continue to inspire generations of believers around the world.

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